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Beyond Yoga Alignment

In this 3-part online seminar led by Jules Mitchell you’ll explore the common perceptions of “alignment” in yoga, and how they measure up against the latest in biomechanics research. Common “rules of alignment” are typically offered to improve safety and accuracy. Alignment is the go-to concept used when speaking of postural “correctness” and injury prevention. Sports science deconstructs all that. What it shows is that yoga teachers use alignment rules to advise student on which positions and loads to avoid, while biomechanics research reveals how to increase loads and positional resilience. To top it all off, flexibility is promoted in yoga as a path to improved posture and reduced pain, but the research refutes and contradicts these assumptions. Bottom line? Today we have a lot of yoga cues and ideas that have developed into guidelines for preventing injury – but these statements do not hold up to scientific scrutiny. Through the examination of common musculoskeletal concerns through a biomechanical lens, you will determine if and when alignment matters, why there is no such thing as a bad yoga pose, and how the aesthetics of the poses limit our understanding of biomechanics. Be prepared to transform the way you think, speak, and move within the practice of yoga.

Course Objectives

  • Consider options over correctness in asana
  • How popular cues interfere with biomechanics
  • View the body as robust and adaptable
  • Refine your biomechanical vocabulary
  • Learn when to say less
  • Speak and teach with confidence
  • Know when to say “I don’t know” and own it!
Available for immediate streaming access. 

Course includes 3 segments. The entire slide deck in PDF format is provided for download. 

Duration: 4 hours with 4 CEUs