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Science of Stretching 5.0 - July 2024

Tuesday July 30, 2024
11am-2pm Pacific Time

The Science of Stretching Webinar offers an introduction to biomechanics and the related vocabulary provides a foundation for a lively discussion on all things stretching. Learn what we know (and don't know) about how stretching works and what the benefits and drawbacks of flexibility training include. Discuss the properties of biological tissues and how they adapt to repeated mechanical stresses. Consider the effects during asana, adjustments, and popular alignment-based cueing. Evaluate the research and compare it to the hype to ultimately redefine what stretching means and what role it plays in yoga. Jules delivers complex scientific concepts in an easy to understand and applicable way that will immediately impact the way you teach and practice. Includes downloadable/printable PDF handout of entire slideshow and access to the recording for 30 days.

$95 USD before July 15, 2024
$125 USD after

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